Hi, we are Benberry.

About Us

benberry media, inc. is a creative solutions company providing full-service, film, audio, and design production. We recognize that the world is connected and complex like never before. At benberry we think creatively and strategically about how to integrate digital and emerging technology with traditional media. That is why we create video, audio, online, and print campaigns that work together to engage our client’s audiences at every touch point. benberry’s team comprises of individuals from diverse backgrounds in commercial graphics, film production, music, audio engineering, and business development. The team’s collective talents have enabled benberry to expand the creative process in the distinctive interests of each client’s project with innovative media solutions.

  • Benberry All-Stars >>

  • charles

    Charles Cheung

  • jonathan

    Jonathan Clasberry

    Production Director
  • matt

    Matt Benoit

    Film Director
  • kevin

    Kevin Burns

    Production Director
  • aaron

    Aaron Ward

    Music Director